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Model of fat transfer“It sounds like the answer to your dreams: Slim those “trouble spots,” such as love handles, and add volume to areas that need it, such as your lips. Fat transfer at my Texas practice turns that dream into reality.” — Dr. Patricia Arledge

We all have an area we’d like to sculpt, whether it be an unattractive hip bulge or a tummy pooch. At the same time, many of us are concerned about thinning lips, cheek hollows or deflated breasts. Conquer both concerns with a fat transfer from Lubbock plastic surgeon Dr. Patricia Arledge.

A fat transfer requires an experienced, superbly trained and highly skilled plastic surgeon with an intuitive sense of the aesthetics involved in this complex procedure. That description summarizes the outstanding qualifications of Dr. Arledge.

Discover the solution that so many others have chosen in Lubbock. Fat transfer can be the way to sculpt your body while restoring lost volume to your lips, cheeks or breasts. Request a consultation online, or call us today at (806) 788-5598 to schedule a visit.

Meet Dr. Arledge

Meet Dr. Arledge

Your goal is my goal:
To enhance your appearance subtly
and beautifully.

Are You a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer may achieve your goals if:

  • Your weight is stable and you follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • You want to sculpt areas such as the hips, flanks or tummy to eliminate excess fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise.
  • You have areas to which you want to add volume, such as the breasts, lips or cheeks.

Your Fat Transfer Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Arledge will ask you about the areas that you want to slim down, such as the love handles, and the areas to which you want to add volume, such as your lips. Because Dr. Arledge wants to make sure you understand the procedure, she’ll explain how fat transfer works, and then she’ll take time to answer all your questions. You’ll feel comfortable and confident about your decision.

The fat transfer procedure begins with traditional (tumescent) liposuction to remove the excess fat. Dr. Arledge then processes the harvested fat, which she uses for:

  • Breast Augmentation: Breast implants aren’t the right answer for every woman. In such cases, Dr. Arledge offers fat transfer to add volume.
  • Face and Hand Rejuvenation: Dr. Arledge offers a variety of the most effective injectable fillers to restore lost volume to the face, lips and hands. Fat transfer, however, provides yet another way to achieve your goal, whether it be transforming thin lips into full, voluptuous, beautifully shaped ones, filling out hollows under your cheeks or renewing the youthful appearance of your hands.


Some swelling may occur after liposuction, but it usually subsides during the first two weeks following the procedure. Some patients experience bruising, which typically subsides after a few weeks. Because of Dr. Arledge’s experience and skills, the tiny scars from the procedure are almost invisible after healing. The recovery after fat transfer for restoring lost volume to the face and hands usually is minimal, with some redness at the site of the injection. Recovery after fat transfer for breast augmentation takes a bit longer, since it is similar to the healing process following breast augmentation with breast implants.

Results and Benefits

Dr. Arledge’s patients love the dual benefits of fat transfer: Those frustrating “trouble spots” are sculpted, while lost volume is restored with subtle, beautiful results. From slimmer hips to fuller breasts, fat transfer can provide a complete transformation.

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